Acavallo Arena Safety Stirrup Blue

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The Acavallo Arena AluPro Stirrup Irons would be a fantastic addition to your tack, offering increased safety and comfort throughout use.

The main feature is the unique, stress-actuated locking and release mechanism located between the lower end of the outer, pivoting stirrup arm and the foot support plate/tread, which opens when triggered.

Crafted from a durable aluminum, with a stainless steel tread and special polyamide material opening arm, these stirrup irons are lightweight and hard wearing. Thanks to the design and construction, these stirrup irons are less rigid and offer higher levels of comfort compared to conventional styles. 

The springing stirrup bow and foot support assembly is extremely shock-absorbing, making the Arena Irons ideal for a range of disciplines. This has considerable benefits for the rider, including minimised impacts on the ankles and strong relief for your feet, knees and hips.

Finished with smart Acavallo branding and available in a range of colours.