Ascot Padded Flash Bridle

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This bridle comes with a Comfort padded head piece. The browband and noseband are beautifully raised & softly padded.

The Noseband has two shorter buckled side straps, as the head piece has cheek and noseband straps each side. This eliminates the need for an over the head strap and helps avoid poll pressure. It also makes the bridle more balanced with even pull to each side.

A very attractive bridle. One of our most popular Bridle types.

The Bridle is available in Black or Brown

Pony – 1/2″/13mm Cheek Pieces, 1/2″ Browband and a 7/8″/22mm width Noseband

Cob & Full – 5/8″/16mm Cheek Pieces, 5/8″ Browband and a 1″/25mm width Noseband

Extra Full 3/4″/19mm Cheek Pieces, 3/4″ Browband and a 1 1/4″/32mm width Noseband