Ascot Rubber Grip Reins

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The Rubber Grip on these reins gives the Rider maximum hold in the hand in all weather conditions. These Reins remain one of the most popular for all types of riding, and consequently are available in many width & length options. Featuring convenient Hook Stud Fastening. Buckled Fastening (For added security) versions are available on some sizes.


Available in Black or Brown 

Pony        1/2"/13mm x  48"/120cm approximate Length (Each Rein)- HookStud

Pony        5/8"/16mm x  48"/120cm approximate Length (Each Rein)- HookStud or Buckle

Full           5/8"/16mm x  54"/135cm approximate Length (Each Rein)- HookStud or Buckle

Full           3/4"/19mm x  54"/135cm approximate Length (Each Rein)- HookStud 

Ex Long   3/4"/19mm x  60"/135cm approximate Length (Each Rein)-  Buckle