Diddy Bits Loose Ring Waterford

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The Waterford it is made up of smooth links. It is a flexible bit that moulds around the mouth and creates even pressure over the bars and tongue. 

The Waterford is not an overly harsh bit but is movable in all directions which makes it hard for horses to grab hold of or lean on the bit providing the rider with good levels of control. Horses tend to mouth well in this bit as it is not rigid and is movable in the mouth.

Diddy bits are made from a high copper metal that warms when put in your horses mouth which in turn promotes salivation, acceptance, comfort and communication. We have designed the bits to be smooth, curved and soft to ensure maximum comfort is achieved in all disciplines.

The smooth  mouth piece creates an even pressure along the sensitive tongue.

Here at Diddy Bits we have found out after many years of experience with horses that the comfortable horse is a happy and relaxed horse.

A relaxed and comfortable horse that is accepting of the bit is more likely to be responsive to the riders aids and not try to evade them.

That is why we have made these perfectly designed bits to ensure your horse or pony is comfortable at all times.


We have produced smaller rings and cheek pieces for small ponies on our bits as many traditional bits use large rings and cheek pieces therefore looking unsightly and heavy in the mouth of smaller ponies.