Double Jointed Copper Lozenge Pelham

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Pelham’s have been designed to be used with two reins, one attached to the top ring (snaffle) and one attached to the bottom loose ring (curb), which is used when needed for extra leverage. Can also be used with rounding’s attached to a single rein so that the mouthpiece and the curb come into action at the same time.

The double jointed Pelham with copper lozenge has a milder action in the mouth than some other Pelham's as it distributes the pressure evenly across the tongue and bars of the mouth whilst reducing the nutcracker action of a single jointed bit. Copper warms and encourages the horse to salivate and accept the bit. Double jointed mouthpieces can affect the way the curb comes in to action and lessen the directness by putting more pressure on the bars of the mouth.

The small ring above the curb is used for a lip strap which is not essential but is correct for showing and it helps to keep the curb chain flat. Pelham's are ideal for stronger horses who may benefit from the activation of the curb rein which puts pressure on the bars of the mouth, chin and poll to help promote correct head carriage.

Double Jointed Pelham: Key features...

  • Double jointed, stainless steel mouthpiece with copper lozenge
  • Can be used with two reins or rounding's attached to a single rein
  • Ideally used by experienced riders
  • This bit is NOT BD Legal
  • Curb chain included with purchase
  • Bit strength: Strong