Fungatrol Cream 400ml

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  • SUPPORT YOUR HORSE’S SKIN – Horses are often subjected to rain, mud and scab formation on their legs. Our Fungatrol Cream aids in assisting flaky, scabby and cracked skin against fungal and bacterial infections
  • NATURAL INGREDIENTS – A unique blend of natural ingredients including chamomile, tea tree, mineral oil, clove bud essential oil and petroleum jelly
  • ANTIFUNGAL AND ANTIBACTERIAL – Fungatrol Cream contains Tea Tree, which is known for its antibacterial and antifungal qualities. Clove Bud Essential Oil is an antimicrobial that is known to help kill bacteria
  • READY TO USE – The cream is ready to use. For best results apply the cream to the affected area after the legs have been washed, scabs removed, and the affected area is towel dried
  • DOSAGE – We recommend using a thin layer twice daily on the affected area. Apply a patch test prior to first use