Hanging Cheek French link Snaffle

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The hanging cheek french link snaffle is also referred to as a half cheek or filet baucher snaffle bit. The cheek of a hanging cheek bit is similar to the top section of a pelham, and exerts a little poll pressure which can help reluctant horses to break at the poll and flex more readily. One of the 'stronger' dressage legal bits, the Filet baucher french mouth snaffle conforms to the shape of the horses mouth more naturally than a jointed bit, eliminating the nutcracker action. An ideal bit to use in a dressage test for horses used to being ridden in a pelham or continental bit.

Hanging Cheek French Link Snaffle features:
  • Hanging cheek applies a little poll pressure when the rein aid is applied
  • French link lays across the horses tongue and bars, eliminating the nutcracker action
  • Can be used in dressage competitions
  • Bit strength: fairly mild