Hanging Cheek Snaffle

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The cheek of a hanging cheek bit is similar to the top section of a pelham, and exerts a little poll pressure which can help reluctant horses to break at the poll and flex more readily.

One of the 'stronger' dressage legal bits, the J.P. half cheek snaffle has a gently curved mouthpiece that helps to reduce the nutcracker action and lessen the contact with the horses palette which can improve performance.

An ideal bit to use in a dressage test for horses used to being ridden in a pelham or continental bit.

JP Korsteel Half Cheek Snaffle features:
  • Hanging cheek applies a little poll pressure when the rein aid is applied
  • Curved jointed mouthpiece, reducing the nutcracker action
  • Can be used in dressage competitions
  • Bit strength: fairly mild