Harcour Clovis Horse Blanket 3in1

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This 3-in-1 horse exercise rug has a waterproof (8000*) and breathable (3000*) outer layer, plus a warm and quick-drying fleece inner layer.
Both exercise rugs can be worn together using the velcro fastenings, or separately as each one has its own logo and white cord.
The very soft fleece layer provides additional warmth when combined with the outer layer.
This 3-in-1 exercise rug is ideal for riding when it's cold outside.
The diamond quilted pattern and silver-coloured embroidered Harcour logo on the left side give this exercise rug a very smart look. Each one has a fillet string and a velcro fastening for the wither.
"Schmerber" waterproofing scale: The Schmerber is a unit of measure for the permeability of a fabric.
The higher the score, the better the breathability. The Clovis exercise rug is therefore considered to be highly waterproof.