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The HelmetConnect is a unique design that allows you to make and receive hands-free phone calls when in the saddle, or listen to music safely without the risk of your headphone falling out.

Compatible with Android, iPhone and Apple Watches, the device can be used during schooling sessions, lessons or in the warm-up ring; simply fasten to your riding hat and have your trainer call you, so they can give feedback and guidance, even from a distance. There is a control panel on the exterior, or the HelmetConnect can be used with Siri or other phone virtual assistants.

The communication feature is not a radio but works through your phone or device via Bluetooth. The person you want to talk with needs to phone you, or you need to phone them. You can also listen to music, podcasts, training apps, and more without the need to place a call. Ideal for solo riders, Siri compatibility allows hands free calling in the event of a fall, and when riding at speed you can hear your call or music without wind disturbance thanks to it's close fit and faux leather outer.

HelmetConnect is designed to be worn on the left ear, but can be worn on the right ear if needed. The curve of the device should sit comfortably in the curve of your helmet, and it fastens in place with easy-to-use magnetic poppers.

Extremely lightweight, weighing only 43g, HelmetConnect boasts a weather resistant faux leather outer, and it can be washed when required (when the battery is removed). The device can be used reguarly, with a 3-hour recharging time, and a 8-hour battery life.

Designed in the UK by equestrians, for equestrians, HelmetConnect is a handy device for any horse owner.