Jenkinsons Lister Star Cipper Bundle

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Lister Star Medium Duty 240V Clipper Bundle - Green

Powerful and efficient, the Star Clipper is one of Lister's most popular products and has been a beloved essential in livery yards and stables for years. The 45W motor ensures a consistent and reliable clip whilst the intelligent tensioning system ensures the correct cutting pressure every time it's used.

With a slim and lightweight design, the Star is an ideal fixture for professionals and enthusiasts alike and the grips on the side of the handle make it balanced and easy to control. As well as ergonomically designed, this medium duty clipper is easy to maintain too. The air filter is both removable and replaceable whilst the integrated overload switch to protect against damage in the event of a jam.

As well as the brilliant Lister Star Clipper, this bundle includes handy free essentials! For yourself, a cosy Lister bobble hat for those winter months and for the stable, a Lister towel, Wahl combo body brush and a 500ml bottle of Wahl oatmeal essence animal shampoo.