LeMieux Arika Featherweight Turnout 0g

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  • 900 denier waterproof outer
  • 0g fill - no fill
  • Detachable neck cover
  • Antibacterial and anti-static lining to prevent rubbing
  • Fastenings for liner attachments
  • Three under belly surcingles with a detachable central strap
  • Reflective panels
  • LeMieux Arika branding

The LeMieux Arika Storm-Tek Featherweight 0g Turnout Rug is ideal for the warm and changeable weather of spring and summer with no fill and a detachable neck cover for added versatility. The Arika Storm-Tek turnout rug range has been developed using a revolutionary two-part patented system, the independent lower skirt delivers a break in the hemline relieving tension and allowing for a greater range of movement while the central panel helps to self-right the rug and provides added protection.

Designed with an angled front closure system, a unique design registered buckle to evenly balance and distribute pressure, helping to prevent rubbing on the point of the shoulder and across the chest. The main body of the rug is cut from durable Oxford weave, developed in a custom width removing the requirement for a central seam along the back and is wide enough to provide depth without additional side seams. Featuring anti-bacterial and anti-static lining, reflective panels, silicon fillet strap, detachable neck cover, three underbelly surcingles with a detachable central strap.