LeMieux Cooling Pad CC Navy

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  • Innovative self-cooling saddle pad
  • FeelCool Ice material
  • Carbon mesh spine
  • Suitable for forward cut and jumping saddles
  • Machine washable at low temperature
  • LeMieux branding

Ideal for hot and humid weather as well as for horses which tend to sweat a lot during work this LeMieux Cooling Close Contact Square saddle pad is made with innovative FeelCool® Ice material which has a cooling crystal kneaded into the weave. Activated by moisture, the greater the moisture the pad is exposed to the greater the cooling effect produced. The crystals in the weave have incredible heat pick-up and transfer properties gradually absorbing and wicking sweat from the horse. Under extreme conditions, once dissipated a reverse rapid cooling effect is produced.

Complimented by a carbon mesh spine insert to help reduce pressure over the wither and back as well as allowing heat to rise and escape through the top of the pad. The inner lining is the same self-cooling fabric as the top side which is soft, friction-free, and ensures the whole pad breathes and wicks at the same level. The Cooling Close Contact Saddlepad is designed for forward cut or jumping saddles featuring a PU girth guard, girth straps, D-ring attachments and is finished with LeMieux branding.