Shires Tempest Original 200g Turnout Rug & Neck Set

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The Shires Tempest Original 200 Detachable Neck Turnout Rug is perfect for those cooler nights and days when a heavier weight rug is too warm, but protection from the elements is needed. This fantastic rug is also ideal for hardy horses living out in colder weather conditions.

Numerous features include an integrated contour neck cover which helps retain heat and keeps your horse's coat clean. The neck fastens with double sided touch close straps for a secure and comfortable fit.

Manufactured using innovative ShireTex advanced breathable fabrics, this Shires Turnout boasts a 600D outer. Tough and durable, these fabrics are coated with a specially formulated hydrophilic coating which is designed to attract excess sweat and moisture. The difference in air temperature between the inside and the outside of the rug then draws this sweat/moisture to the outside of the rug where it dissipates into the atmosphere, ensuring optimum comfort for your horse throughout wear.