Rambo Plus Fly Mask Silver/Navy

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  • Unique eye guard
  • Detachable nose cover
  • Protection from UV rays
  • Large fitting soft ears
  • Fleece edging
  • Extremely durable
  • Strong touch closure
  • Rambo branding

The Rambo Plus Fly Mask  has been designed to match the Rambo Fly Buster Rug but can be worn on its own or with other fly rugs to help protect the eyes and face from flies and biting insects. The Rambo Fly Mask is one of the most engineered fly masks on the market and every aspect of its design has been thought through to ensure it offers maximum protection alongside excellent comfort for the horse.

This Rambo Fly Mask also features a unique eye guard in the form of a covered plastic band that keeps the mask away from the eyes to prevent rubbing and ensure the fly mask keeps its shape.  Featuring a detachable nose section that can be used to offer protection from UV rays as well as flies for the sensitive nose area - particularly useful for horses with white or light coloured noses. Finally, this fly mask has large fitting ears made from soft fabric for comfort.