Red Horse Red Zone Super 500ml

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  • RED ZONE – this product will be fully licensed for human use in the UK but not overseas just yet. It will still contain a high 20% concentration of Saltidin but will be in a slightly thicker base giving it a longer lasting effect, but a somewhat different feel on the skin. Thus far it seems to work better, for longer than the originally Red Zone Super but the more expensive formulation will be reflected in the price. We will also be releasing a convenient 100ml atomizer spray, far more convenient for adventures!
  • RZ SUMMER SPRAY – For those that miss the original ‘RZ’ scent we will be releasing a summer spray, although meant for use on horses to scent and protect their coat in the summer it will have a similar smell and skin feel to Red Zone Super. The scent is altered slightly to make it more pleasant and a little gentler. Everyone who has tested it loves it, especially the horses!

Both products will carry our Money Back Guarantee, if you don’t like them or find them useful then we will of course refund you, so you can rest assured you can try these new products out without risking your hard earnt spending money!

Red Zone Super is an insect repellent spray that is highly effective but gentle on the skin. This repellent has been developed for use on humans and is not licensed for animal use so is for human use only.

It is formulated with Saltidin®, a non-toxic repellent that gives long-lasting, powerful performance against a broad spectrum of insects. Other active ingredients include bog myrtle oil, cade oil, garlic oil and lemon eucalyptus oil – all well known for their repellent effect.

Red Zone Super has a pleasant citrus smell from its essential oil blend. Some batches contain a small amount of ethanol to allow efficient mixing.