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The Roeckl Jardy Winter Adult's Riding Gloves are a stunning design that offer comfort throughout the colder months and eye-catching style. They are adorned with eye-catching Swarovski crystals and stylish printed branding.

These highly functional gloves are tailored perfectly to fit female hands like a second skin and meet all requirements as far as heat retention, wearing comfort, grip and tactility are concerned. They have a windproof, breathable and pleasantly elastic ROECK-PROOF softshell on the backhand which helps to keep your hands warm and allows freedom of movement. The palm enables optimum agility and subtle handling of the reins.

These highly functional gloves are also equipped with Roeckl's comfort cut, which means no additional patches on the index finger are necessary, optimising the fit even further. The palm material is also raised up along the contours of the hand so that the seam runs along the backhand.