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We do not believe it is safe to sell safety equipment unless it has been fitted correctly and professionally instore. If you would like to purchase one of these items please call the shop on 01489 783616 to make an appointment and one of our team would be happy to help. We are unable to accept any returns/exchanges of safety equipment as once we have left the shop it is impossible to tell if they have been dropped/damaged in any way making them unsafe. 


Inspired by the protective vest designed for motorcycling or skiing, the SAFEFIT airbag vest, in the event of a fall, triggers mechanically and ultra-fast before impact in order to protect the vital areas of your body, including the abdomen, the rib cage, the neck, the back and more precisely the spine.


The SAFEFIT airbag vest is delivered with a CO2 gas cartridge, an arming key, its connection strap and its connector cord. The latter, attached to the knives of your saddle, ensures the connection between your airbag vest and your saddle thanks to the connection strap directly linked to the gas cartridge. In the event of a fall, the gas cartridge is disconnected from the vest: it is this mechanism that triggers the inflation of the airbag chamber in a few milliseconds. All you have to do is refit a new cartridge in no time at all.


With its slim fit, SAFEFIT will adapt to your riding clothes. In competition, it is discreet under compatible jackets and at home, during your rides, it can be worn over your favourite winter down jacket or over a t-shirt in the middle of summer. An opportunity to show off its customised details!


The SAFEFIT vest can be combined with the SAFERIDE option offered on the Seaver application. When activated on your phone, your family and friends are alerted in the event of a fall and can geolocate you to rescue you.

A one-year SAFERIDE subscription is offered with every order of the SAFEFIT. Along with the airbag vest, you will receive an activation code to enter directly on the Seaver mobile application.