Safe On Flex on On Stirrups

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New safety stirrup version of Flex-on's famous stirrups, designed to release on the side in the event of a serious fall, and then be screwed back together using a supplied Allen key. Based on the same design as other Flex-on stirrups scientifically proven to provide help with riding position and reduce strain on the leg muscles and joints. These have to be tried to be believed.. (see note below re. our tester service)

Normally stocked in the popular "All black" colour, but also available to custom order in any of a number of frame & elastomer colours 

Why we chose them:

  • Lightweight: strong but lightweight frame uses hi-tech design and polyamide composites with steel core
  • Innovative balance: clever offset and skewed stirrup-leather slot, plus carefully designed multi-inclination footbed, help create the ideal position for rider's leg and foot
  • Shock absorbing: Elastomer shock absorbers supporting the footbed plus flexibility built into the frame help absorb shocks and vibration 
  • Ultra-grip footbed: small studs embedded in the stirrup tread grip the boot to ensure excellent stability of ride and connection with the horse, without damaging boots. 
  • Colour options: can be ordered in a variety of colour combinations - e.g. to match your riding colours (see below)


We have a wide range of colours in store, please call the shop on 01489783616 to check availability, alternatively pop instore. We are also able to sit with you and design you own bespoke stirrups as well as having our own trial pair of flex on stirrups so you can try before you buy!