Shires Fine Mesh Fly Mask With Ears

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This Shires Fine Mesh Fly Mask with Ears features air stream fabric ears to offer excellent protection against small flies and midges. The ergonomic shaping and fleece padding along the seams keeps the fly mask away from the eyes, ensures a close fit and prevents rubbing. Elasticated at the poll for improved fit and adjustable touch close safety straps. 

If you are looking for a higher coverage fly mask, take a look at the Shires Fine Mesh Fly Mask with Ears and Nose or if your horse is bothered by fly masks why not try the Shires Fine Mesh Earless Fly Mask.


equus bullet Fine mesh fabric keeps out flies and midges.

equus bullet 70+% average UV blocking, minimum rating 60+% for eye mesh. Test carried out in accordance to BS EN 13758-I-2002+AI:2006. Effectiveness may diminish over time.

equus bullet Includes air stream ears.

equus bullet Fleece padding keeps the mask off the eyes, ensures a close fit and prevents rubbing.

equus bullet Secures with adjustable touch close safety straps.

equus bullet Designed from breathable fabrics for all day comfort. 

equus bullet Available in Black or Teal.